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Websigma Global Technology Solutions Named by the Manifest as a Most-Reviewed Vendor in India

For years, we’ve been guiding our clients toward innovation and progress through artificial intelligence, machine learning, database management, and development. Since we’ve started, we’ve had significant growth as a team, not only in size but also in expertise. As such, we’ve been included on the Most reviewed directory on The Manifest, a B2B research site. We’re thrilled to share with you this award, which is based on the positive feedback we’ve earned within the last year.


Here’s a summary of Websigma Global Technology Solutions’ progress since the beginning:

In 2014

The Websigma team first offered its services to the B2B market in India. Their goal was to provide value to businesses through comprehensive software development solutions with a focus on innovation. Websigma emphasized modern technology and integrated it into their services, allowing clients to thrive in their respective industries.

In 2018

An eyewear company engaged Websigma Global Technology Solutions for the development of its mobile app. We were tasked to redesign their existing product into a user-friendly application with a lot of other features. Within two months, the Websigma team delivered the polished and reimagined app, which was positively received by the client’s partners. Since then, we’ve had an ongoing partnership with them for various projects.

In 2021

Websigma has amassed multiple positive feedback, earning us this award from The Manifest. Because of this recognition, we’re now featured as a company that delivers fast, efficient, and productive technological solutions. We’re appreciative of this award, which we couldn’t have done without our partners.

We’re proud of our progress within the last six years. If you require an expert development partner, you can’t go wrong with the Websigma team! Get in touch with us right away.