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Websigma’s CEO SachinMenon Is Leading the Firm with Quality, Performance, and Innovation: GoodFirms


Incorporated in 2014 and based in Bangalore, Karnataka, Websigma Global Technology Solutions is a 360-degree tech platform solution provider. It provides services from CRM, ERP to Mobile App development.

Moreover, Websigma has offices in India, Dubai, and a Liaison office in the Netherlands. It holds a highly experienced team that has worked on international projects across several continents. WS is a group of highly motivated people who have a common goal – Excellence.

It is a client-centric software development agency believing in structured processes. Websigma’s values are built around creating an ecosystem of teamwork, fairness, security, integrity, dignity, and respect. The team at WS believes that these values influence the business environment the way they operate in.

The professionals adopt an approach to delight the clients through quality, performance, and innovation by exercising the best and delivering technical wisdom for a complete collaborative industry experience.

To deliver an unmatched digital experience to the clients, extending across their client or employee journey, they are customer-focused and provide high-quality solutions and services.

The experts at WS transform clients’ realities to meet business aspirations by leveraging on the technology of the 21st Century. The GoodFirms team approached Mr. SachinMenon, the CEO at Websigma.

During the interview, Sachin mentions the idea that inspired to commence the business and also described its flourishing services. As a CEO, Sachinoversees theoverall strategic and operational responsibility of the company.

Sachin has a proven track record of developing successful businesses, driving innovation, and conceptualizing and integrating ideas into actionable strategy. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management Degree from XLRI,  Sachin was also a co-founder of a multi-vendor ecommerce platform.

Narrating the idea behind the inception of WS, Sachin mentions that story began in 2014. Back then, just a few engineers got together to prove that nascent start-ups need not compromise on technology to convert their ideas to life. Since then, WS has grown to deliver high-quality products for clients ranging from newborn start-ups to mid-level businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Continuing further with the interview, Sachin elaborates on the services rendered by the company. The initial stage of the mobile app development process is setting the strategy for evolving an idea into a successful app. As one app’s objectives may vary from another, there is an app-specific influence to the mobility strategy to address during the development process. “Planning and experience are an integral part of the mobile app development process,” explains Sachin.

Websigma Global, as a leading mobile app development agency, provides mobile app development services to businesses across finance, healthcare, consumer products, logistics, industrial engineering, and entertainment.

Sachin also elucidates that a mobile app’s success is determined based on how well users embrace and benefit from all its features. The mobile app designer aims to design excellent user experiences, creating developed apps interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Thus, aiming to bring disruptive change to the mobile industry through new-age tools would soon endow Websigma as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangalore at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below depicts the potential of the app developers at WS.

Furthermore, Sachin proudly mentions that the clients’ major portion is through word-of-mouth and the existing client’s references. WS have clients who are with it for more than four years now.

Sachin also cites that more clients approach WS for customized software solutions. During Covid lockdown, WS has seen more client requests in the ecommerce category due to their expertise in the respective field.

Any application is a software solution that provides logic and software tools to ideal businesses to advance productivity and efficiency. With custom software development, the team can design solutions attainable in the desired way.

At Websigma Global, the team believes that a deep understanding of the problem they are trying to solve is as significant as the quality of technology they use. “As we all know that no two companies in the world are the same – thousands of methods and specific provisions affect the organization’s situation,” says Sachin. Because of this, the problem-solution usually needs customized application advancement. In order to enhance speed and functionality, software advancement should present the following characteristics: Simplicity, Flexibility, and Maintainability.

Thus, with highly skilled and experienced support, Websigma Global ensures efficient management of diverse systems that endow it to grab a secure position as one of the top software development companies in the Netherlands at GoodFirms.

Concluding with the interview, Sachin beams that most of the business is through referral of existing clients or clients who have been happy with the work. Therefore, the WS team gives utmost importance to client satisfaction.

WS team’s approach is to delight the clients through quality, performance, and innovation by employing the best and delivering technical wisdom for a complete collaborative business experience. He also mentions that WS has a defined support system with pre-defined turn-around-time. The organization has an escalation system. “Doubts that take an acknowledgment time above T+1 day automatically get assigned to the particular project manager,” says Sachin.

Thus, having read the summary from Sachin’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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